Slicing the 温室 gas pie: What gases?

We keep talking about the need to reduce the 温室 gas we produce. But how do these gases get in the atmosphere? To answer that question we need to look at what I like to call the “greenhouse gas pie,”事实证明,有很多方法可以将其切成薄片。

一种方法是根据我们所用山东体彩的类型来划分’re talking about. There are dozens of human-produced 温室 gases, three of them get special attention: carbon dioxide (CO2),甲烷(CH4)和一氧化二氮(N2O)。这里’s why.

一氧化碳2 is the most important because it causes about 67 percent more 变暖 than all the other 温室 gases combined. Methane causes less than a third as much 变暖 as 一氧化碳2, but it is responsible for about three times more 变暖 than nitrous oxide.

温室山东体彩派: Sliced by the amount of 变暖 contributed by each human-produced 温室 gas.

那’有点有趣,但是没有’t do much to show us opportunities to reduce emissions of these gases. What are the principal man-made sources of each gas? 那 requires us to look at another set of pies.

让’s first look at 一氧化碳2 更详细地说,因为它’是上面派中最大的一块。在全球范围内,约80%的二氧化碳2 来自燃烧化石燃料,例如煤炭,石油和天然气。 (如果你’我曾经想过为什么他们’re called “fossil” fuels, it’s because they are made from the remains of plants and animals that died hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago – in other words, they are 化石s.) The biggest sources of 化石 fuel 一氧化碳2 是煤炭和石油(每种约占40%至45%),其余部分由天然气构成。全球二氧化碳的另外20%2 通过砍伐森林释放出来。

二氧化碳饼: Sliced by human-produced sources, which are burning 化石 fuels and deforestation.

转向甲烷—在世界范围内,主要来源是农业,主要是水稻种植和畜牧业。甲烷是牛,羊和山羊等家养动物的正常消化副产物。作为 EPA外交描述, 动物们“exhale”消化食物后产生的山东体彩(也从另一端排出)。动物也会产生粪便,甲烷在腐烂时会释放出来。


Finally, the other major 温室 gas, nitrous oxide, comes primarily from agricultural soils. The opportunity to reduce emissions here is in more efficient use of fertilizers. Applying fertilizer in a different form, at a different time, or in a different amount can mean more is used by the crops instead of being transformed into nitrous oxide.

马上来 另一个派显示另一个视图 of where the 温室 gases come from.

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  1. Donwalkee
    发表于2007年4月28日,下午2:45 | 固定链接

    I’m just an average guy trying to look at both sides of the global 变暖 issue. My family tries to do our part by recycling and I carpool to work, but when I read your blog about flying airplanes into the upper atmosphere and releasing what amounts to be mirrors to reflect the suns energy as serious alternative seems not only far fetched and just down right silly. Who is going to pay for this? Is the science sound? It seems to me that if you want to be taken seriously you might stay with the basics. Global 变暖 0. Non believers 1.

  2. 发表于2007年5月1日上午11:09 | 固定链接


    在里面 我发布的有关地理工程的文章,我说有些想法“technical merit”(也就是说,它们确实会导致冷却),但是“it’现在考虑这种严厉措施还为时过早” and “地理工程是一个冒险的命题”. 那’s far short of an endorsement! As I pointed out, geo-engineering ignores other damaging effects of 温室 gases such as 海洋酸化.

    The best way to fight global 变暖 is to decrease our 温室 gas emissions, so kudos to you and your family for doing your part. You can pick up more tips on how to cut emissions (and save money) at

  3. Kolibri
    发表于2007年5月4日上午10:21 | 固定链接


    我还没有看到科学的证据显示出一种机制,通过这种机制,大气中如此微量的二氧化碳有可能成为全球变暖的原因。产生热量的因素(主要是辐射)通常忽略了大气中对流的影响。 一氧化碳2排放受海洋调节,并且随着温度的升高而增加,而不是相反。与二氧化碳相比,水和水蒸气对热量的影响更大。海洋释放的二氧化碳量远高于人类。卫星和气球对地球温度的测量表明没有明显的变化“warming”也不发生在我们被敦促相信的程度。基于不正确的逻辑和科学的计算机模型不能成为可靠​​的预测来源。
    地球上大约有16万个冰川,有的在扩大,有的在减少,很长一段时间以来没有观测到超过100个。 一氧化碳2是由于温度升高而增加,而不是相反。对我而言,重要的是,联合国委员会的调查结果所依据的科学数据要到现在大约10个月后才能获得。加上不当用语“greenhouse” gases and understanding how a 温室 actually functions and that the atmosphere is not a 温室 adds to my suspicions.


    德国伯恩德·格鲁纳(Bernd D Gruner)

  4. 发表于2007年5月7日,上午11:17 | 固定链接




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