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他们说德克萨斯州的一切都更大,而且通常’s 真正 , especially when it comes to big hair and 的 bravado of politicians. This amounts to a lot of drama and 的atrics. I mean, as someone who grew up in Dallas, I can tell you that 的 soap opera by 的 same name wasn’t too far off 的 mark.

成为强大的石油和天然气 !) state, this drama often translates into fights with 的 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other environmental regulators over pollution reduction. 德州 is 的 碳排放第一大国 排放和 第二大水污染物 in 的 nation. 德州 doesn’确实有坚实的立足点。

但截至2012年,德克萨斯州总检察长Greg Abbott(现任GOP和 科赫兄弟的支持 candidate for Governor) has sued 的 federal government over environmental regulations 十六次. And of 的 25 total lawsuits pending against 的 federal government, 德州 has only prevailed five times. Exemplified yet again in June when 的 Supreme Court 统治 七点到二点,是的,尽管得克萨斯州有争议,但实际上,允许EPA监管大多数大型工业设施(如电厂和工厂)的温室气体排放。

用雅培自己的话说,“what I really do for fun is I go into 的 office [and] I sue 的 Obama administration.” This fun hobby has cost taxpayers roughly $2.5 million – or a “bargain,”根据雅培。

So, of course, after 的 Obama administration 宣布 现有发电厂的碳排放将受到限制 for 的 first time ever, 的 same cast of characters began revving up 的 futile fight with words like “job-killing,” conveniently ignoring 的 job growth in 的 state’s renewables sector. Abbott yet again 发誓要浪费更多钱在法庭上与EPA斗争 while Governor Perry went so far as to say that 的re’s a “war on American energy [designed] simply to appease what appears to be a 极端的环境极端分子。”好吧,“ 三分之二的美国人支持奥巴马总统的 新的气候规则”,几乎不是“极端分子的一小部分”。

但这不’t have to be this way. We can avoid all 的 sanctimony of failed lawsuits and go straight to growing 德州 ’清洁能源经济 taking advantage of 的 flexibility 内置于EPA的 清洁能源计划.


On 的 day following 的 carbon pollution rule announcement, it just so happened that 的 bi-partisan 德州清洁能源联盟 (TCEC) held a luncheon to announce 的 findings of a new Brattle Group report commissioned by 的 host organization: 勘探天然气&ERCOT中的可再生能源,第三部分. This is 的 third in a series of analyses that TCEC has conducted to look at 的 full potential of 德州 energy assets beyond fossil fuels.

该报告虽然确实依靠天然气,但强调了可再生能源(如风能和太阳能)和需求响应(该计划奖励人们减少用电,而不是打开燃煤电厂来满足电力需求)玩家前进。该蓝图显示了到2032年德克萨斯州可以减少38%以上的排放量的方式。EPA的《清洁电力计划》要求到2030年将德克萨斯州的碳排放量从2012年的水平减少39%。该报告还强调“the scenario with 的 most aggressive assumptions for efficiency, demand response, and combined heat and power was also found to deliver 的 lowest power prices in 2032.”

So 的 day after 德州 was tasked with reducing carbon emission by 39 percent, TCEC came out with a plan to get us 的re. That’s what I call serendipity, and we should embrace it as a positive step forward in 的 state.


TCEC报告是’t 的 only path either, as co-author Dr. Peter Fox-Penner noted. The analysis was modest in estimating 的 potential growth of demand-side resources, such as rooftop solar power, demand response, and energy efficiency, which Brattle estimates could “cut projected 需求高峰增长一半 并为…降低整体电力成本。”Fox-Penner补充说“德克萨斯州有能力建立一个 更清洁,更实惠,更省水,更可靠 electricity sector.” The report concluded that no matter 的 pathway, “the more demand-side resources deployed, 的 more money 德州 would save.”

This comes as 的 World Bank estimates that fighting climate change will grow global GDP by up to 每年2.6万亿美元 而花旗集团则看涨 报告 that renewables will displace coal and nuclear in 的 near future. Even Governor Perry, with his “Texas Miracle,”吹牛偷工作离开加利福尼亚, 想动 to 的 carbon-regulating state and 驾驶特斯拉. The writing is on 的 wall. Yet 德州 ’ current leadership is fighting an old war that 的y don’甚至似乎真的无法再购买了。

德克萨斯大学的迈克尔·韦伯博士 总结得很好:

什么’s 的 number one way you can reduce emissions in 的 power sector? 通过 switching from coal to gas. And who sells 的 gas? We do. 什么’s 的 other way you do it? With 风 and solar. Well, who’s got 的 风 and 的 sunshine? We do. Who’s got 的 cheap, flat land for building 风 farms and solar farms? We do.”

Denying climate change and rigging 的 system to benefit fossil fuels may have been a lucrative strategy in 的 past. But if 德州 wants to succeed in 的 new world, it needs to take lessons from its 最理想的城市, proactively harness our renewable resources (including 的 人的力量), and improve 的 quality of our environment.

Rick Perry may be heading to Hollywood following his last act as Governor, but 德州 still has a leading role to play in 的 clean energy economy. It’s time we cut 的 的atrics and 的 pollution.

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